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The Well-Tempered Life

by Danielle Gault

Well Tempered Life coverThe Well-Tempered Life is an informative guide that will teach readers how Yoga, Reflexology, and problem-solving processes can balance their different personality elements referred to as air, fire, water, and earth. The reader is provided strategies and tools to aid them in the discovery of which element they most closely relate to as well as how to navigate their journey to a well-tempered life: a life that is shaped, refined and honed to express its highest purpose.

In our daily lives we face stresses and difficulties that may be lessened through the Yoga and Reflexology techniques presented by author Gault. The Well-Tempered Life can assist readers in improving health, reducing pain, increasing well-being, and renewing empowerment. The book is easy to understand and clearly written. Gault provides definitive steps towards leading a healthy lifestyle to which many readers respond. This insightful book will help readers, their families and friends, change their lives for the better.

One Yoga Student said, "In The Well-Tempered Life, Danielle Gault shares her comprehensive understanding of Reflexology, Yoga and Jung, to provide the spiritual student with a complete system for re-establishing balance within."

Danielle Gault specializes in personal and professional development. She has a BA in Psychology and a post-graduate diploma in Human Resources Management. Trained in many natural healing art forms, she was a long-time student of Yogi, Shri Brahmanda Sarasvati, before his death in 1993.

The Well-Tempered Life is published by Morgan James Publishing and is due for release June 20, 2012. For information on the book or related seminars, please contact Danielle.

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