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Dear Friends:
The best insurance policy for tomorrow is to make the most productive and meaningful use of today. For maximizing personal productivity and health, our workshops and services can assist in adapting to the forces of change. Join us for one of our courses or create your own course schedule by coordinating groups of three or four people per course.

The heading of each section links to a descriptive page. Where exact dates are not given, please inquire.

1. LIFE COACH TRAINING: The Wholistic Life and Wellness Coaching Certification Training focuses on how better to coach and mentor your clients to greater health and lifestyle satisfaction. Coaching is a 2-step process of relationship building and setting goals. How well you coach and mentor is related directly to how well you are able to foster a great working relationship with your clients through understanding them and through strategic goal setting.
Course Fee: $1700 + HST.
Dates: To be announced..
To Register: Please contact the Institute of Traditional Medicine, Toronto, ON.
For information about the program contents, please contact Danielle.
2. COACHING SERVICES: Coaching sessions with Danielle can be arranged. These can be one-to-one or done in small groups. To arrange a session, please contact us.
3. REFLEXOLOGY SESSIONS: Danielle gives reflexology sessions at the Shaw Chiropractic, Wellness Centre in Oakville, Ontario.
Fee: $75 per session. First session $100.
Holiday Season Special: $65 until Jan. 1, 2017.
Location: 586 Argus Rd., Suite 100, Oakville, ON
By appointment only. More information here.
To make an appointment please contact Danielle.
4. FOOT REFLEXOLOGY: Reflexology Association of Canada (RAC):This in-class training followed by 60 hours of practical work is for people interested in becoming a professional Reflexologist.
Course Fee: $1205 plus membership and joining fees.
Date: August 9, 2017.
Location: Oakville, ON.
5. TEACHER TRAINING AND CERTIFICATION: This training is for those interested in taking their reflexology services to the next level. This course prepares students to become Foot Reflexology Teachers certified with the Reflexology Association of Canada.
Fee: $3,000 plus $75 application fee. (The application fee is taxable but the course fee is not because it falls within RAC's educational designation.)
Date: July or August, 2017. Exact date TBA.
Location: Oakville, ON
Note: This training takes place immediately after the RAC Conference.
6. HAND REFLEXOLOGY CERTIFICATION: Reflexology Association of Canada (RAC): Reflexology Association of Canada (RAC): This certification training teaches practitioners how to use the hands for therapeutic and relaxation purposes. Benefits to the client are similar as Foot Reflexology treatments - improve circulation, relaxation, and normalization of imbalances in the body systems.
Course Fee: $625 plus membership and joining fees.
Date: to be announced.
Location: Oakville, ON
7. EAR (Auricular) REFLEXOLOGY CERTIFICATION: Reflexology Association of Canada (RAC): This certification training teaches practitioners how to use the ears for therapeutic purposes. Ear Reflexology, otherwise known as Auricular Therapy can achieve the following benefits: activates meridians, regulates Qi (energy), aids circulation in general, improves lymph movement, and stimulates the brain.
Course Fee: $625 plus membership and joining fees.
Start Date: to be announced.
Location: Oakville, ON
8. YOGA CLASSES: Meditative Hatha Yoga Classes are given in five-week blocks in Oakville, Ontario.
Next Dates: to be announced.
Location: Oakville, ON.
For more info, please contact Danielle.
9. THE WELL-TEMPERED LIFE: Learn your mind-body type according to the ancient wholistic system known as Ayurvedic Medicine. This program increases self-understanding as a healer and provides a system for improving and maintaining health through understanding your stress patterns and how to get back to balance.
Date & Location: To be announced.
For information, contact Danielle.
10. NON-CERTIFICATION BASIC REFLEXOLOGY: This one day course provides the layperson interested in a non-certification basic level reflexology training with the tools and confidence required to give a good solid treatment to self, family, and friends.
Course Fee: $300 plus HST.
Date: To be announced.
Location: Toronto area.
11. YOU AS AN INDEPENDENT BUSINESS PERSON IN THE NATURAL HEALING ARTS: This workshop combines relevant theory with practical insight and tools to business concepts. Many people in the natural healing arts field have a challenging time getting their businesses off the ground or developing their business to the next level. Some of these challenges can be around the idea of running a business itself or can be around how one feels about money. Learn how to focus on this and what steps you can take to move forward. Fee: $250 plus HST. Date: Please inquire.

Please contact us with any questions about the programs and we'll be happy to fill in the gaps. For registering in one or more of the upcoming programs, simply call, mail or e-mail your request and a confirmation letter outlining the times, location, and course requirements will be sent.
Yours in good health,


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Well-Tempered Life The Well-Tempered Life:
Coach Yourself to Wellness

Publisher: Morgan James, NY.
Paperback, pp. approx. 160.

Danielle distills her 30 years' experience in the healing arts into this book and writes about the three areas that she has found most effective: yoga, personality diversity and reflexology. To read more about this book or order a copy, click here.

Coaching Services

Arrange a coaching session with Danielle. More info here.

Reflexology Sessions

Danielle gives reflexology sessions at the Shaw Chiropractic, Wellness Centre, Oakville, ON. More info here.

Reflexology Related Courses

Teacher Training
July or August 2017,
date TBA. Oakville, ON
Lower Leg
June 10, 2017
Halifax, NS
Upper Body
June 11, 2017
Halifax, NS
Foot Reflexology
Start: Aug. 9, 2017
Oakville, ON

If you are interested in these or other programs, please contact Danielle.