Reflexology Teacher Training Course

Dear Students: For those of you interested in taking your reflexology services to the next level, the Reflexology Teacher's Training Course may be for you. Following is information on how to become a Foot Reflexology Teacher with the Reflexology Association of Canada. Please contact me with any questions or if I can be of further assistance. Many thanks, Diana & Danielle



  • Provide an opportunity to explore and/or review new concepts such as learning styles, teaching styles and principles of adult learning.
  • Promote excellence in RAC education through clearly defined methodologies and concepts thereby providing a strong educational basis for instruction and uniformity across Canada.


  • Recognize the different learning styles and develop the teaching styles to assist each student in fully realizing their potential within the learning environment.
  • Learn how to develop and implement lesson plans, acquire resource tools and teaching aids to incorporate in own class teaching.
  • Develop a full understanding of the Instructor's responsibilities.
  • Present the information and skills attained in a professional manner.


Many reflexologists spend much of their practice gaining experience and building their business within their communities. Once they have reached a certain plateau, many wonder what the next step is. Teaching is a natural progression and choice for many today. Not only does teaching offer personal satisfaction, but it also strengthens one's own professional career. By educating and developing skilled and qualified practitioners, a teacher supports the growth of a strong and vibrant profession while supporting the association by encouraging new membership.

This ensures the ongoing recognition and credibility of reflexology both regionally and on a national and international scale. The reflexology teaching profession is an open market for qualified and enthusiastic individuals. Following completion of the RAC Teacher Training Certification Program, a RAC teacher is qualified to guide students through the RAC programs in a range of settings, including colleges, trade schools, and Continuing Education Programs as either separate programs or electives. Completing RAC Certification qualifies a reflexologist for licensing in Ontario and for provincial registration in other provincial bodies.


Phase I — Face-to-Face Instruction

Instruction for Foot Instructor Certification and Ear/Hand Teacher Certification. The hours may be formatted in a schedule as needed. Training will include instruction through review of prescribed texts, lecture, practical exercises, assignments, quizzes, assessments of lesson plans and mini presentations in the following:

PART A. Course Title: Foot Instructor Certification

Prescribed Texts: RAC Instructor Training Manual - Foundation Text for all Teacher Training Courses (supplied by Trainer) and most current RAC Foot Student Manual & Workbook (purchased through RAC Head Office). Instruction will include:

  • Instructor contract, current responsibilities, teacher protocols and administration duties (including any recent revisions) including how to administer the Practical and Written Exams
  • Professionalism
  • Teaching and learning resources
  • Teaching the Adult Learner
  • Teaching methods
  • Drafting a complete set of teaching plans
  • The treatment component
  • Advertising, educating the public and Media presentations
  • Class schedules

PART B. Course Title: Ear and Hand Instructor Certification

Prescribed Texts: RAC Instructor Foot Training Manual (for review purposes). RAC Ear or Hand Instructor Training Manual and most current RAC Ear or Hand Student Manual. Instruction will include:

  • Instructor Contract, All current responsibilities, Instructor protocols and administration duties (including any recent revisions) including how to administer the Practical and Written Exams
  • Teaching and learning resources
  • Drafting a complete set of teaching plans
  • The treatment component
  • Class schedules
  • Review: professionalism, teaching the adult learner and learning methods using the Instructor Training Manual as a teaching tool.

Phase II — Instructor Trainee Apprenticeship Training & Probationary Contract

Upon completion of Part I of the Instructor Trainee Apprenticeship Training and based upon written approval of the Trainer and Head Office, the Instructor Trainee may commence with their apprenticeship Part II. Evaluation will be inclusive of (but not be limited to) previous class participation, completion and quality of all assignments, lesson plans and Open Book Review results.

If successful, the newly designated 'Instructor Trainee' (not certified) will be expected and contracted by RAC to instruct one (1) Foot Reflexology Certification Course within a two-year period from the in-class portion of the program. The course shall be taught as per the class schedule found within the Instructor Training Manual. The class must be taught in a private professional setting following all established protocols with a maximum not exceeding six (6) participants.

The Trainee will be asked to video tape or photograph their teaching environment to ensure professionalism on the job.

For more information, please contact Danielle.

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