Yoga Classes

Meditative Hatha Yoga Flow

What is it?

Yoga ClassThe Meditative Hatha Yoga Flow is designed to enhance physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being by creating a space where the yoga student can step back, take a breather, release tensions, relax the mind and let go of stress. During the flow, you're invited to close your eyes and focus inward. This is a safe and peaceful approach for integrating mind/body patterns.

The class begins with a gradual warmup, then moves on to Sun salutation, forward and backward bends, back strengthening and weight bearing poses, twist, brief meditation and final resting pose.


Develop strength, flexibility, improve coordination and increase cardiovascular efficiency with peaceful yoga postures and breathing practices.

For Whom

Beginner to Intermediate level Yoga Students.

When and Where?

Classes are ongoing. Please inquire.


Wear comfortable clothing, have an empty stomach and come with an open, non-competitive mind. Approximately 50 minutes of postures followed by ~10 minutes of breathing, meditation and a final resting pose.

Yoga Video

Please click here if you wish to purchase a DVD of the hatha yoga flow.

Desk Yoga

For some suggested stretches to keep you limber while working at the computer, download our Desk Yoga pdf file.

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