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Workshop We offer classes and training in three general areas of the healing arts relating to wellness: Life Coaching, Reflexology and Yoga. Our main presenter is Danielle Gault. The training presented here is based on Danielle's 35 years of experience as a healer and as a facilitator in the corporate world.

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Teacher's Training for Foot Reflexology
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Foot Reflexology Course
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Hand Reflexology Course
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Coaching Services

Coaching sessions with Danielle can be arranged. These can be one-to-one or done in small groups. To arrange a session, please contact us.

Reflexology Treatments

Danielle gives reflexology treatments at her home in the Niagara Region.  At times, home visits can be arranged. For more details and to make an appointment, please contact Danielle.

Yoga on YouTube

Danielle gave a yoga class on the Relentless Fit 365 channel on YouTube.


You can watch some of Danielle's interviews here:

Mainland TV, New Zealand (5 min)

Human Behavior Coach-TV (~1 hr)

Mind, Body and Soul-TV (~1 hr)


EquilibriumWe want balance in our life, balance in our mental side, balance in our social side, and balance in our physical side. If we can keep our mental side balanced, we are free from worry, insomnia, and anxiety. When we keep our social side balanced, we are free from frustration, anger, and irritability. When we keep our physical side balanced, we are free from disease. When in a balanced state of wellness, we are mentally calm, socially clear, and physically well. All three sides of us are in balance and our life is in a natural state of well-being. When our life gets thrown off kilter, however, the following natural healing arts modalities can assist in restoring balance.


This course prepares you to be a life coach to others. It focuses on how to coach and mentor others to greater health, well-being, and personal and professional satisfaction. Coaching is a two-step process of building relationships and setting goals. How well you coach and mentor is related directly to how well you are able to foster a great working relationship with others through understanding them and yourself, and through strategic goal setting. Once trained, you can use these skills in face-to-face sessions or via phone or email.


ReflexologyReflexology is a natural healing art based on the principle that there are reflexes in the hands, feet, and ears that correspond to every part, gland, and organ in the body. Through application of pressure on these reflexes, circulation is improved, tension is relaxed, and the body can tend to normalize. Professional trainings are available for Foot, Hand and Ear Reflexology, certified through the Reflexology Association of Canada (RAC). You can also become a Reflexology Teacher, also certified through RAC. A non-certified, introductory course is also available.


YogaYoga postures and yogic breathing provide a safe approach for integrating mind-body patterns and generating a state of deep relaxation and wellness. Yoga recognizes the body as an organism that is part of the cosmos and not separate from it. Using an energy system called Chakras, yoga stimulates and balances the system within. Classes are geared toward the beginner to intermediate level. They are generally given in the Greater Toronto Area, once a week for several weeks at a time. Please ask about schedules, costs, and times.

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Well-Tempered Life The Well-Tempered Life:
Coach Yourself to Wellness

Publisher: Morgan James, NY.
Paperback, pp. approx. 160.

Danielle distills her 30 years' experience in the healing arts into this book and writes about the three areas that she has found most effective: yoga, personality diversity and reflexology. To read more about this book or order a copy, click here.

Coaching Services

Arrange a coaching session with Danielle. More info here.

Reflexology Sessions

Danielle gives reflexology sessions at the Shaw Chiropractic, Wellness Centre, Oakville, ON. More info here.

Foot Reflexology Training

A course in the application of foot reflexology.
Start date: Please inquire.
Location: Niagara/Hamilton/Burlington/Oakville, ON
More info here.

Teacher Training for Foot Reflexology

A training in the teaching of foot reflexology.
Start date: Please inquire.
Location: Niagara/Hamilton/Burlington/Oakville, ON
More info here.

If you are interested in these or other programs, please contact Danielle.