Activities and Endorsements

RAC Honourary Member Award

Danielle was made an Honourary Member of RAC at the Conference in Montreal in May 2017. "In recognition of exemplary achievements in the furtherance of reflexology in Canada."

Danielle has published several articles on the website Ezine. Here is a link to the article "Applying Cognitive Diversity to Problem-Solving Processes:"
As Featured On EzineArticles

SELF EVOLUTION CHANNEL: Beverly Flaxington, host of the Human Behavior Coach-TV, interviews Danielle about How Do You Find that Talent Skill and Devotion? (~1 hr)

SPIRITUAL EVOLUTION CHANNEL: Coach Steve Toth, host of the Mind Body and Soul-TV, interviews Danielle about the Well-Tempered Life. (~1 hr)

NZ interview

Mainland TV Interview,
Nelson, New Zealand, April 2012.

Danielle was interviewed on Mainland TV while she was in New Zealand as Guest Speaker at the Reflexology New Zealand annual conference in Nelson, where she addressed the meeting on the topic of "Reflexology: A Personal and Professional Journey" and also gave several workshops on the topic of "Yoga, Jung and Reflexology."

To watch the 5-minute interview, click here.


Reference for Danielle Gault

As I got to know Danielle I realized that she is someone special. Her spirit shines through in everything she does and makes others want to bask in her light and find out where she found it! I have been privileged to take several of Danielle's courses including the RAC Ear Reflexology Course and the Upper Body and Lower Leg courses.

Danielle teaches in "hands on" fashion with the practical aspect being as important as the book learning. She is patient and clear in her teaching and always has answers to the questions presented. She is there to provide empathetic support if and when needed as I certainly found out!

What has impressed me since knowing her is that she has enabled so many reflexologists to be the best we can be. Her Upper Arm and Lower Leg courses have provided me with a wonderful add on to my reflexology treatments that delight my clients. The Ear Reflexology Course allowed me to expand my practice in another direction. Danielle's two books have inspired me personally and with her background in psychology she is able to help us learn to better understand our clients and thereby provide them with the very best treatments. It makes our clients want to return for more!

She shows a determination, and leads us by example, to move forward as reflexologists with more focus and vision and we are very fortunate that she has so many tools to help us achieve our goals.

Kathi Elliott
RAC RCRT Reflexologist
Secretary RAC Toronto Chapter
August 11, 2011.

Teacher Training, Ancaster, 2010

Teacher's Training class in Ancaster, Ontario, 2010.

After Phase II of the 2010 fast-track Teachers' Training Course, several messages were received at RAC Head Office regarding the course. One of these is reproduced below.

Hello Marcus

I just came back from the fast track course. I am exhausted and elated! In my opinion, this course was the best RAC could ever offer. I learned from the best teachers in the land, (Diana & Danielle) and then from my fellow teachers in training. I really do not think I could have had this level of training anywhere else. We all learned from each other, different styles, different words, different characters. I can say that we were more than the sum of us! The friendship and support we are getting from Danielle and Diana is so priceless. But now we also have each other to rely on. As Effie said, there were more than 100 years of experience in the group.

Doors are opening for me. There is an international student from Georgian College (in Barrie, ON) that is doing all the research and a business plan for me to possibly teach in Australia. Where is it going to go? Don't know but hey, maybe...???

So Marcus, I commend our two teachers extra-ordinaire for putting so much effort, dedication and thought in so little time to create this fast track course. It is my hope that Diana and Danielle will repeat this course again. I would be willing and honoured to go and help if my services are required. RAC certainly did the right decision in accepting this way of teaching. (fast track).

Thank you again to Danielle and Diana for sharing your knowledge.

Marie-Anne Chabot
Dec. 8, 2010


Dear Danielle, I an expressing my thanks and my pleasure for the wonderful learning experience I had while being trained as a reflexologist. You were not only very knowlegeable on the subjects but obviously a very caring person who was attentive to the needs of each student. The environment was warm and friendly which made the learning experience open and inviting and I was excited to be there.

I look forward to training with you again in the future.


Michele K. Coppinger
Toronto, ON


I most recently trained as a Foot Reflexology Instructor with the Reflexology Association of Canada. I had the opportunity and privilege to have Danielle Gault train and observe my first Reflexology Foot Certification class. Danielle's ability to connect with me on a personal level made it a very positive learning experience from the very start. Her excellent command over the subject and her ability to address my needs, truly makes her an outstanding professional in the field of teaching and mentoring.

You have my highest recommendation. Danielle's knowledge and expertise would be an asset to any program.

Gina Stewart
RAC Certified Foot Instructor

Reflexology class Toronto

A Reflexology class in Toronto, July 2007.

I have attended numerous courses and have found myself reflecting on one in particular that I had the privilege to attend in September, 2007, given by Danielle Gault. I found Danielle's course on Hand Reflexology very inspiring and informative. I was extremely impressed with her exceptional knowledge, presentation skills and spirit. She possesses excellent people and presentation skills that enable her to enlighten a full classroom of students. She is very knowledgeable, compassionate and hands-on, allowing her to interact and communicate on a high level with all her presence. You can feel that she embraces the courses she is interpreting for her classes. I felt positively uplifted, enthusiastic and optimistic at the end of her course and would not hesitate to recommend her as an excellent instructor at various levels. I thoroughly enjoyed Danielle's reflexology course and hope to have the opportunity to attend more of her workshops.

Thank you, Danielle.
Laureen Clement
Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Danielle Gault was my foot reflexology teacher in 1994. I so appreciated her teaching method that I later took the ear and hand reflexology courses under her tutelage. Danielle brings professionalism, knowledge and a sense of fun to her classes/workshops, whether it be reflexology, personal growth or other workshops. It is always a joy to be part of her 'passing forward' her wisdom.

France Trudeau, RCRT

Reflexology class Toronto

Hand & Ear class in Nelson, NZ, 2007.

Cheers thanks Danielle...

I studied the ear and hand course with Danielle in Nelson, NZ - 2007.

It was a great course. Danielle is such a wise and kind teacher. Her various teaching styles assisted the subjects hugely and made the learning stick. (As adult learners, we need more stimulation!)

I would recommend Danielle as a tutor, and as a tutor myself, was truly inspired, and greatly respect Danielle for what she has done.

Shelley Monrad
Aromaflex, Nelson, NZ.

Danielle Gault is not only a gifted Reflexologist, teacher, and healer, but also a Human Resources Professional who has a deep understanding of the many facets of the human needs. Her class is filled with inspiring stories, practical advice, and techniques.

Personal Productivity and Time Mastery is a perfect class combination. There not only will you learn ways to utilize your time more efficiently but also you will get to know who you really are. I was so impressed with her knowledge and understanding.

I truly recommend her class to anyone who is in the process of continual growth.

Almerinda Takahashi, RCRT

Reflexology class Ananda Ashram

Danielle teaching a class in Hand reflexology at
Ananda Ashram, Monroe, New York, August 2007.

I wanted to write to thank you for the "tip" that you gave me at Ananda a couple weeks ago (my boyfriend Ed and I took your reflexology workshop there.) You "felt" my gallbladder point in my foot and because I felt a sensation that felt like your nail was going into my foot, you said I most likely had gallstones. I would have never thought to look here and God knows how much longer I might have suffered/how much longer it may have taken to figure it out, but after I came home, I started vigorously researching gallbladder stuff--both eastern and western. Very interesting and I remembered learning about Chinese medical symptoms and aversions around gallbladder "dysfunction" years ago, most of which I have been chronically experiencing.

I started working with my acupuncturist, also a phenomenal practitioner--very scientific and research/detail-based--who started treating me with acupuncture and Chinese herbs, and pointed me toward the Hulda Clarke liver/gallbladder cleanse which I just did this past weekend. I now feel great. The bloating has gone totally down, my digestion is already greatly improving, but before these things even happened, I noticed two wonderful things: my energy immediately--the day after the night of the cleanse--has dramatically increased, and I feel that the fogginess and indecisiveness ("decisiveness" being a trait associated with the gallbladder!) that gradually descended upon me and I have been living with for years has just lifted. And, yes, I did get stones out. Mostly small, but a considerable amount. I was very very pleased.

So, I just had to write to thank you. Without taking your workshop and your guiding me toward my own gallbladder, I may not have ever known. I feel so good and am so happy. Thank you so much Danielle. I am so deeply grateful.

With Love and All best to you.

Sheri Bresson

Signing books in Frankfurt

Danielle signing books at the Buch Messe at Frankfurt,Germany, 2003.

Hi Danielle,

Just wanted to follow up and offer the following that I felt I had gained from your workshop. I must say, that I found most it most insightful to better understand the science/theory behind why I always felt soooooooo gooooooood after getting a Reflexology treatment from you.

If you recall, I had mentioned at the time that I had felt that both my hands and feet felt as though they had undergone a really deep healing balm treatment. The benefits of the deep tissue massage lasted for days! In fact, it made even "thinking" better!)

Though quite complex, your hands-on practical exercises made some concepts fun to learn and I actually remember enough to apply some of this, myself. The details notes with diagrams and pictures you provided are great for easy reference and my continuing application.

Just wanted to THANK YOU, once again! And, I very much look forward to other workshops you may be scheduling. Please don't forget to keep me informed!

Toni Aquilino,
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

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Well-Tempered Life The Well-Tempered Life:
Coach Yourself to Wellness

Publisher: Morgan James, NY.
Paperback, pp. approx. 160.

Danielle distills her 30 years' experience in the healing arts into this book and writes about the three areas that she has found most effective: yoga, personality diversity and reflexology. To read more about this book or order a copy, click here.

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