Introductory Level
Reflexology Workshop

A Course for Stress Relief, Health and Balance


This 1 day course provides the layperson interested in a non-certification basic level Reflexology training with the tools and confidence required to give a good solid treatment to self, family, and friends.


In our lives we face stresses and strains that affect our level of health and well-being. This course provides the tools for re-establishing balance and improving health and well-being in our lives. The stresses strains of daily living can be lessened through reflexology techniques. This one day course, taught by one of our professional reflexologists, will cover:

  • An introduction to reflexology for health, stimulation and balance.
  • The history and benefits of reflexology.
  • Relaxation techniques for calming the mind and cooling the emotions.
  • Pressure point work for stimulating the reflexes to the all body systems.
  • Learn how to work on yourself and learn how to work on others.

FEE: $525 which includes:

  • Course fees
  • Manual
  • Home Review Guide
  • Circulatory Mat
  • Copies of books: The Well-Tempered Life and Natural To My Soul by Danielle Gault

For more information, please contact Danielle.

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Well-Tempered Life The Well-Tempered Life:
Coach Yourself to Wellness

Publisher: Morgan James, NY.
Paperback, pp. approx. 160.

Danielle distills her 30 years' experience in the healing arts into this book and writes about the three areas that she has found most effective: yoga, personality diversity and reflexology. To read more about this book or order a copy, click here.