The Well-Tempered Life: Excerpts from the book

Here are a few short excerpts from the book, dealing with different topics:

Personality Preferences

The mental awareness deals with thoughts and ideas. The social-mental awareness deals with connections to the ideas. The social-physical awareness deals with a broader range of connections to people, things, and feelings than the social-mental. The physical awareness deals with doing and manifesting results. Although we all use all of the awarenesses, we each generally prefer to use one awareness over the others. We tend to want to stay in our preferred choice and use it more often, thereby developing and making it easily accessible to us. And because of this, we tend to take it for granted, even discounting its value in our life: It is easy for us to use as along the way we have made distinctions on how to apply it and when to apply it through many trials and errors....

...Our use of awarenesses, like handwriting, is similar in that it is an inherent preference, and once developed, shows up as our dominant expression when living and working in our world with and through others. On teams, we will want to focus more on one awareness over the others. We think that our preference is the most important point of any team project or assignment. In families, we think we have the answers for our children or mates because we are so used to seeing the world through our own lens. What we need to do is expand our lens so that we can see the world from a broader perspective and have more options. This is a main emphasis of this book: to provide you with more options when striving to maintain balance in your life.

Hatha Yoga

Many people think of yoga as hatha yoga: performing physical postures. These postures assist the mind and body in releasing tension and creating relaxation. Hatha yoga teachers suggest holding each posture for thirty to sixty seconds to create a static stretch.

There are four basic postures that are designed to re-energize the body. They consist of: Forward Bend

  • forward bend
  • backward bend
  • inverted pose
  • twisting pose

Most of the poses used in a typical yoga class will be a variation of these four movements. Of course, we do not want to forget the resting pose at the end of a yoga session. The resting pose allows the body to register the effects of the previous poses.

Yoga postures and practices provide the opportunity for us to step back and take a break from the world. Doing a regular routine allows us to stretch out the tension in the muscles, relax the mind, and let go of life’s cares. In addition, we benefit from developing strength and flexibility, improving coordination, and increasing cardiovascular efficiency.


Foot ReflexologyAs well as yoga postures and techniques to bring the system back into balance, we can also draw on the ancient art of reflexology. Reflexology is a safe and simple technique for stimulating and balancing the personality elements. This is done by working on the reflexes of the ears, hands, and feet that relate to our body parts and systems. Through the application of deep compression massage and pressure point work, circulation is increased to the corresponding body reflexes. This improved circulation stimulates and assists in balancing the elements...

...Whether working the ears, hands, or feet, you will feel the circulation effect on the body, and this will tend to heighten relaxation. By stimulating the reflexes, circulation is improved and we feel the relaxation of tensions within, which promotes a balancing effect of the related body systems.

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