The Well-Tempered Life: Coach Yourself to Wellness

The Well-Tempered Life

A practical guide to stress relief
and balance

by Danielle Gault

Publisher: Morgan James Publishing, New York
Paperback, 9x6 in. (23x15 cm.), approx. 160 pages.

Danielle brings together a variety of disciplines into a comprehensive system to re-establish mind-body balance, improve health and boost well-being.

Tempered: possessing both the hardiness and the flexibility needed to be resilient.

The Well-Tempered Life provides:

  • Insights and solutions to problems related to personality preferences and to imbalances in the mind-body.
  • Coaching tools and strategies to resolve conflict, clarify issues and move consciously toward an outcome.
  • Step-by-step reflexology and yoga exercises to stimulate and balance the mind-body and relieve stress and tension.

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What are others saying?

See the reviews of this book in Creations Magazine and Body, Soul & Spirit, p. 29.
"Danielle's enthusiasm is an added bonus to the empowering insights and tools she eagerly shares."
— Patricia Orban, Coaching student
"... valuable information and practical tools that are easy to apply—and fun! Danielle's motivational training has lifted both my business and me personally."
— Saskia Jennings, Your Challenge to Succeed Radio

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