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Coach Yourself to Wellness

by Danielle Gault

Published by Morgan James Publishing, New York

The Well-Tempered Life

The Well-Tempered Life: Coach Yourself to Wellness is an informative guide that will teach readers how Yoga, Reflexology, and self-coaching, problem-solving processes can be used to help create and maintain balance in their lives.

Many of the conflicts and misunderstandings that develop between people are the result of personality differences. An understanding of the way personalities work can often help to alleviate or avoid such conflicts. Personality theory is a complex subject but much can be learned by considering the basic temperaments, of which there are four. Danielle characterizes these as the elements of air, fire, water and earth.

When these expressions are aggravated, they throw us off balance. The reader is provided with many strategies and tools to aid them in the discovery of which element they most closely relate to as well as how to navigate their journey to a well-tempered life: a life that is shaped, refined and honed to express its highest purpose.

In our daily lives we face stresses and difficulties that may be lessened through the Yoga and Reflexology techniques presented here. The Well-Tempered Life can assist readers in improving health, reducing pain, increasing well-being, and renewing empowerment. The book is easy to understand and clearly written. This insightful book will help readers, their families and friends, change their lives for the better.

air  fire  water  earth
air  fire  water  earth

What are others saying?

See the reviews of this book in Creations Magazine and Body, Soul & Spirit, p. 29.
"Danielle's enthusiasm is an added bonus to the empowering insights and tools she eagerly shares."
— Patricia Orban, Coaching student
"... valuable information and practical tools that are easy to apply—and fun! Danielle's motivational training has lifted both my business and me personally."
— Saskia Jennings, Your Challenge to Succeed Radio

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